ERP implementation Best Practice approach: Mitigating resistance, Training, Testing, GO LIVE. Part 3

What makes a new ERP solution challenging for any organization?

Change resistance can derail your ERP deployment.

Mitigating resistance should be managed by your internal implementation “A Team”.

A Team members should be mentors and should be positive in words and actions as you go through the implementation process.

How do you avoid the trap of modeling your new ERP to simulate “the way we have always done things”?

Confirm that everyone is on board with the design of your new system and the related changes in how people will work.

Executives and top level employees should be advocates for change and win over change-resistors who add risks to an implementation.

Is there a “best practice” approach to training?

Never has an unsuccessful implementation been attributed to TOO MUCH training.

On demand eLearning activities provide end users an opportunity to participate any place any time in a sample-data environment.

Hands-on “train the trainer” for core groups of resources who become internal power uses of the system provide a means to transfer that knowledge to their coworkers.

Cross training would provide an understanding of other processes directly affected by input or interaction within the ERP.

It is essential that end user training take place in the company’s prototype of the new system so that each process is a simulation of work that will be processed in the new ERP.

What is the best testing approach?

Testing should be integrated into the training exercises.

Users should enter data or generate reports that represent an entire annual cycle.

Month end, quarter end and year end processing should be simulated.

Critical reports should be generated and validated during this time.

Testing should follow full cycle processing.

Proper testing will assure that any gaps are identified well before the go live process.

Go live day, now what?

Properly prepare to support end users during the initial days of go live.  Work closely with your ERP partner so that they have adequate staff assigned during your first weeks working within the system.  Navigate the bumps and potholes encountered during the first few weeks and begin to cash in on the efficiencies provided by your new solution.